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Introducing Graphite-News

Oct 03, 2014


Once you get to a decent sized Graphite instance it starts to be harder to keep up with what new data is being added with the last application or service release that just went live. With tens or hundreds of technologists working on dozens of services, Graphite-News hopes to fill up any communication gaps around new functionality that your organization launched or to keep your operational dashboards current.

The current crop of Graphite dashboards (Tessera, Grafana, Graphite itself) all focus on presenting you with all the data, but not just the recent data. This can become troublesome in large installations with complex applications. In order to solve this (small) need, I wrote Graphite-News.

Graphite-News screenshot


Graphite-News keeps tabs on your Graphite server to see what new data sources become available. These get listed in reverse chronological order. If you click on one it will show the graph for your inspection. It also tries to do the right thing; for example it will show a metric ending in .count by wrapping it in perSecond().

At the top of the image there are two buttons (see 100% screenshot). The first one, Edit, will lead you straight to the Graphite Web UI so that you can play around with it. The second one named Remove can be enabled optionally (default is off). Clicking this will remove the data source from Carbon. This can come in handy when you see bogus data sources or initial bogus data.

It is a simple first 0.0.1-alpha release to see if there is interest in a utility like this. Ultimately, this could very well just be a feature in one of the leading dashboards, in which case it was worth it.


Graphite-News is written in Go, which should make installation reasonably easy:

$ go get
$ $GOPATH/bin/graphite-news -l $GOPATH/src/

More documentation can be found in the README on Github.

I am actively looking for feedback, so please leave a comment here, hit me up at @ojilles, or open up an issue over at Github.