Stamped (not mashed) potatos recipe

Jul 23, 2011

The other day I made a delicious potato dish, and having my camera ready, I thought I’d share it with you! To go short, rather than baking potato disks, or mashing them up completely, this dish nicely holds the middle. This produces a really nice crunchy dish!

The end result, the crunched potato!


My Italian, British and danish combination of herbs

For starters, boil the potatoes in their skins. That’s important: in their skins. This is what is going to make them so crunchy and good. You should add some salt to taste. The best way to do that is to wait for the water to boil, then add the salt. This works better as the water immediately dissolves it. Start the oven or broiler. I put mine on 200-220 degrees C. Oil up a baking plate. Once done, take out the boiled potatoes, put them on the plate and crunch them with your potato stamper, like so:

Die you potato, die!

Stamp them till they are maybe 1 to 2 cm in height, not more. Make sure they are jagged on top. Here, another example:

Me trying to squash a few of the 'taters

After you have done the lot, sprinkle some oil on top:

Making it up with my potatoes by giving them oil

And add more salt on top of the potatoes, and your herbs. In the pictures you’ll see me experimenting with red onions: you are advised to skip that as it doesn’t work very well in the broiler.

Plate of crunched potatoes

Close up of a single crunched potato

After all this torture, the potatoes still have one last step: the oven. I usually put my oven on “broil” at around 200-220 degrees. Since the potatoes are already “done” (through the boiling) it all really doesn’t matter too much. What you are looking for is to harden up the outsides, the jagged tops, the skins of the potatoes. This will make it really crunchy, while the inside is still nicely soft like a boiled potato.

Potato's in the oven, undergoing the last stage

Just check the oven every few minutes till you are happy with the result. Here was mine:

Crunched potato, end result, close up

See all those brown bits?! Those are the best! Buon appetito!

Crunched potatoes served with 'dutch' meatballs