Synergy tips for Mac users

Feb 23, 2009

Just installed the Synergy application. (Quick into here.) If you have more than one computer you can use this to keep using one keyboard/mouse pair for all your computers on the network. You just move your cursor off the screen and onto the next computer without lifting your hands! Really neat. Also, clipboards are shared so that you can copy text from one computer and paste it onto the other one.

My primary computer is a Mac Book Air, and as such it has “hot corners”: the upper right corner for example shows my desktop. With synergy they are a bit hard to reach since you quickly move to the other PC. If you want to make it easy on yourself, just do the following in your configuration file:

            right(10,90) = pc

Which defines the pc as being to the right of my laptop, but only starting from 10% of the screen until 90% of the screen, neatly disabling Synergy in the corners.