My Book Slide

Feb 16, 2009

Inspired by Jurgen from, here is my book slide. I’ll limit myself to the books that I just got though. You can find my virtual bookshelf over at Shelfari. This round of books are a bit “sciency” more so that others but that is predominantly the case due to George R R Martin still not having finished his next book.

The Island at the Center of the WorldAn epic story of dutch Manhattan and the forgotten colony that shaped America

Inspired by a holiday I took last summer to New York and Miami I started interesting myself for the dutch influence and history on the island of Manhattan. Lots of facts have been pushed out of our collective memories nowadays. I’m hoping this book will let me in on some of the more arcane facts that surely must be out there.

Surely you’re joking Mr. Feynman!Adventures of a curious character

After watching a series of guest lectures and having general interest and admiration on the LHC in Switzerland this seemed like a natural follow up. Feynman is both funny and really smart and was actually able to teach me a few things through his recorded lectures. Things like the LHC and books like Godel, Escher, Bach/Song of Ice and Fire/Lord of the Rings really strike a personal cord with me as I admire the epic scales these things take place at. Respect for those that dare to stick out their necks and create something!

The Unfinished GamePascal, Fermat and the Seventeenth Century Letter that made the World Modern

A book on probability, a topic that recently found more and more interesting (read Critical Mass, Tipping Point and Black Swans couple of months ago). Especially the notion of “betting” on positive outliers (writing a book) vs. negative ones (stock market crash) seems an undervalued notion in our societies.

OutliersThe story of success

Kind of the same reason why I included Outliers. Not sure what to expect really, but written by Malcolm Gladwell I can not imagine it is going to be a hard read.