My social network is changing

Nov 16, 2008

Hyves social network screen shot on iPhone</a>

Looking at this picture, I realized I was seeing a visualization of something I’ve been telling people around me: that it seems everyone in my social circle is having a baby. What you are looking at is one page of friends on a local social network in the Netherlands called Hyves.

There are 6 babies depicted, out of the 12 possible (if you do not count some of the adults as babies). In, as a should I add, a “random” screen shot. It kind of underlines, for me, what has happened in the last 12 months: I can count at least 25+ couples/individuals that have been pregnant. All of which luckily delivered without any (lasting) incidents!

Now I should not be surprised by this of course, statistics will have it that there are just not many 18 year olds that become pregnant, but still: it happens so fast!

I guess these are the beginnings of a mid-life crisis?