Economic disaster? Seriously?

Nov 08, 2008

Recently found a weblog (“Fractals of Change”) that occasionally talks about the finance world. There are some really great gems. For example, take this article explaining “the physics of money”:

The faster we spend, the more money there is available in the economy. Money we put in our mattresses might as well not exist as far as the economy is concerned even though it may be very important to us.

Another article outlines the positive aspects of the current financial crisis:

This correction from excess has been violent and in many ways harmful but it HAS cured many of the excesses; the goal shouldn’t be to reestablish them. We don’t want housing prices to boom out of reach again; we don’t want oil prices to go up or credit to be extended promiscuously; we don’t want a banking economy based on the third derivative of valueless debt.

Some of the other blog posts over there are interesting reads as well!