A Sneak Peak at Marktplaats

Apr 28, 2008

On April 12th 2008 I presented at PFCongrez, a yearly gathering of PHPFreakz. During the day three other presentations were given. The first one was by Peter-Paul Koch (ppk for short) who presented about unobtrusive JavaScript. The presentation was given with a lot of energy, enjoyable!

After that, I presented a sneak peak at Marktplaats during which I gave some insight into what it takes to run one of the biggest sites of the Netherlands. It goes into some of the high level production setup, highlights some of the challenges of operating hundreds of database deployments and goes into some of the aspects Marktplaats runs into while using PHP.

The slides are embedded below, or up for download here. Or join the after party discussion.

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The other presentations during the day that can be found online:

Next to that, I am trying to gauge any interest in our tool to manage database schema’s: DBC. It keeps database schema’s in synch with your application, and allows developers to branch off the database schema much as a version control system allows you to do with your code. If you are interested in this tool, please contact me at “jilles &at& marktplaats . nl”. We are looking to see if there is enough interest to open source the tool.