All those little software secrets!

Sep 28, 2006

Some forums have a really good signal to noise ratio, and the Joel on Software boards are on of those. Right now there is a really interesting discussion happening on “what little software secrets do you know that no one seems to know?”. The entire discussion can be found here.

But let me highlight a few excerpts of handy material:

Just type =rand() anywhere in your [Microsoft Word document] to auto create a block of text. For more text, pass it a numeric parameter like rand(2). 200 appears to be the max value.

Or, how about when all the capitalization is wrong in your word document?

Fix capitalization in Word: Highlight the text, and press Shift+F3 until desired result. It allows you to select from All Caps, No Caps, Proper Case and Title Case. Much better then erasing the sentence and re-writing it.

Or for our web developers out there:

In Firefox, if you are working on a page and just care about the HTML source of that file, simply open the source once, and then refresh the source only (similar to a web page: with CTRL+R), instead of reloading the whole web page and then view source again.

And for our Windows developers:

When you have a message box (a.k.a alert box) hitting CTRL-C will copy the text of the message box to the clipboard.

And I was always doing CTRL-ALT-DEL, T to get to the task manager, but this tip is even faster:

Ctrl+Shift+Esc opens up the task manager.

I have something similar like the tip below. For example I can type “ci 12556” and it will show check in 12556 in Trac. Or I can type “bug 432” and it will show me bug 432 in my bug tracking system. However, I constructed that always by hand, here is an easier way to do it:

In Firefox, go to the main page for this group. In the search box, right click and choose “Add a keyword for this Search…” Name it “Joel” (or whatever you want). Keyword = “jos” (or whatever you want). Press OK.

Now in the address bar, type “jos hungarian” and it will show you all results for Hungarian in these groups.

There you go, hope there was one tip there that you found useful!