Recent purchases...

Sep 23, 2006

Recently made a few purchases, without doing so much as leaving the house. I really love how that works, really convenient.

First off, I bought a new black, 2nd generation iPod Nano 8GB. I don’t have a ultra large music collection, but I really like the device’s design (duh!) and experience.

Recent purchases... (Clicking on the above image will take you to an annotated version)

Second up, I am completely addicted to Lost nowadays and I just finished the 1st Season, so I bought the first part of Season 2 second hand off of I am anxiously not putting it in the DVD player because I know it will be a ~15 hour time drain instantly.

And last but not least my first shipment of new books came in from Amazon, including:

All except the “The Book of Atrix Wolfe” book came in, which I bought second hand on You can see my entire book collection at: (RSS feeds are available there as well).

(Authors note, 2011: Don’t bother with The Book of Atrix Wolfe, so abstruse, I could not get through the first 20 pages)

All this should keep me quiet for a little while…