On innovation

Sep 16, 2006

In a recent blog post, Edward de Leau talks about his notion of “Leanardo” – the person that is primarily responsible for innovation. I tend to agree in principle that these persons are really scarce, and even if you know someone then there is still timing to wreak havoc.

Edward goes on by providing 3 innovative ideas which he intents to revisit in a few years time to see if some came to fruition. In my blogpost I try to make a shortcut and safe Edward a few years:

  1. A site that will crawl the internet in search of structured data (XML) of products that are being sold. After the aggregation, the business model would be similar to existing classifieds sites iincluding features, monetizing eye balls and Google AdSense.

However, such an application already exists. Instead of forcing people to write XML files and put them on a server, EdgeIO allows people to make blog posts on their already existing blogs and aggregate that. Additional revenue stream is redistributing the aggregated content “EdgeSense”.

  1. A Todo list site that brokers between people without time and with time.

This one I have not seen yet in the form I think Edward is seeing this. I envision a generic Todo site like Tadalist, including its “share todo” feature, but then with price brokering system where the person who has the Todo and the person that is willing to execute the Todo can agree a price (and potentially setting up an Escrow service).

  1. A mesh up between Google Earth and anything else with a physical location.

GlobeAssistant is a company providing technology to stream locations out of your database into a users Google Earth application. A prime example is the leading Dutch Real Estate site Funda.nl (try this link if you have Earth installed).