Video on the web

Aug 27, 2006

Of course, people have been publishing video’s on the net for a long time. The interesting effect of this - to me - it that this turns the net into a “Funniest Home Video’s” for everyone. For years now people have been buying camcorders, but the reaching an audience with that was still pretty hard (e.g. you needed to get your video’s aired on television. Not so anymore – as already happened to writing (anyone can start a blog and gather a crowd).

Just to show the big diversity out there, here are three video’s I just found on the net:

That last one gets me a bit scared, wondering how big an incentive the net will provide for those that don’t think about the stunts they perform to get some traffic for their video’s.

Oh, and remember comments on weblogs? People are doing the same on YouTube. Take this lady for example (2019: Offline) (commenting on a comment, on a comment…) with a rap. Hey, if you are there, you are only so far away of couples ‘fighting it out’ on YouTube of course.