Moola: "Weekend millionaires for the rest of us"

May 28, 2006

An interesting new product became available on the Internet a few months back, called “Moola”. Moola is basically a free “Weekend Millionaires” for the normal people.

It works by showing a small video before you start playing one of the games. This video nets you $0,01, for free. You ante up this one cent in the game you are about to play. That game is a game against someone else who also ante’s up one cent. If you win the game you end up with $0,02, and are only removed 29 wins from earning $10M. The coolest thing is that during this “ladder” you are free to exit and get payed as long as the sum is above $10. In total Moola already cashed out $615.000!<

Currently, Moola sports two games. One is a Rock-scissors-Paper game with a twist, over 6 rounds. The other game I did not play yet. The games are cool in and of themselves, but the added incentive really works.Up till here Moola already had some exposure in the blog world, for example on TechCrunch, and other blogs. However, I did not see any other blogs yet that wrote about the bonuses that Moola is giving away. After me loosing my money twice Moola decided that I needed a bit more cash to get me off and decided to sponsor my account with 10 cents, see the screen shot below.

Anyway, this is a really interesting business model in my mind. The only problem with it is that the objectives of the players (you and me) are not nicely aligned with the advertisers that provide the cash. This will ultimately hurt the ROI for the advertisers and their willingness to participate. How it ends up we will see.

Update: I still have 1 invite left. Ping me if you want it!

Update 2: Things move fast in this space. Already there is a site called which sports a strategy section for the games and loads of invites left seemingly.