Google testing out new SERP feature

May 19, 2006

Today I did a few searches on Google, only to find out that Google either rolled out a new feature to their Search Engine Result Page or is testing it. I guess it is the latter because several colleagues and friends were not able to replicate the behavior. See the screen shot below:

Google testing new feature

Basically Google remembers which searches you have done on a person by person basis. However, only now did I also see that the number of times you have already visited the search result is now displayed next to it.

After digging some deeper I found some more features. Here is a page showing what I my popular searches were and which of the results were popular with me:

Popular Searches

And Google provides some handy graphs too!

Nice stats

Some of this has implications though:

<a href="">How is my Search History stored?</a>
Personalized Search stores your search history on Google servers, which means you can view your history and get personalized search results on any computer.