Welcome to my Blog v3

Mar 05, 2006

Update, 2011: this is obviously an old blog post, preserved for posterity.

Welcome, dear reader to, to the best of my knowledge, the third incarnation of my weblog/personal site. The last year and a half I had all these idea’s in my head with nowhere to put them. Every time I had that thought “I wish I had a weblog to post it to as it might be interesting to other people”. So, here it is!

The source of my idea’s is mostly twofold:

From past experience I know that it is really hard to really add value on the web which is why I chose the default Kubrick’s theme and a base install of Wordpress: lets see if I can get content into the site first, before spending hours tweaking the site.

I hope you will enjoy the site!


PS1: Since this is really the 3rd incarnation of the site you will find the first few articles already, all dated in 2003 and 2004.

PS2: I still had a Google AdSense account, so I added some advertising to the site. If I can make up for hosting costs, then I will count myself lucky!