Japanese blogs to watch

Jun 28, 2004

Lately, I’ve renewed my interest in Japan and its language and culture. This was sparkled by the announcements from friends that they were going to Mexico (couple 1) and Washington DC (couple 2). I dug up the reader, titled “Japanese I: an introduction”, I got as a present from my brother. I hope I find the time to learn a bit more Japanese and to post a few articles on the subject along the way.

But there are so much more interesting places to look for. There are two respected blogs written by Japanese. The first one is Joi Ito’s weblog, who posts frequently and about a lot of interesting topics. If you are mainly interested in things he posts about Japan, than use the Japanese category archives.

The second blog to watch is Antipixel which is written and maintained by Jeremy Hedley. The first thing I noticed was the good Colophon that is present on the site (more sites should do this!). The second thing is that Jeremy writes about Japan and its culture, but he also makes wonderful pictures to match those posts! (Example 1 about Japanese bathing, Example 2: writing in stone, Example 3).

Keep an eye out for these two blogs if you like Japan.

Oh, and when I see sites like these then I’ve almost booked my flight!

Question: does anybody know a well known book in Western Europe that is translated into Japanese, that one could start to read at entry-level Japanese? Just something on which I could get cracking If you know any book(s), post a comment please!