A storm of swords

Apr 05, 2003

I am currently reading A storm of swords by George R.R. Martin. That book is book #3 in a series called A song of ice and fire. I was pointed to this series by some people on Usenet. After reading almost all the material written by J.R.R. Tolkien I wanted something else, but similar.

The first book was a true page-turner. Once you got into the characters the story was absolutely breath-taking. The second book, A clash of kings , introduced 3 dragons (oh yeah, it was if possible even more a page-turner as book #1). While there are much more plots, sub-plots and other interesting things going on in the series, the dragons capture my attention more than anything else. It is like the history of G.R.R. Martins world becomes alive again: dragons flying through the air! Ah well… I’ll see what A storm of swords brings me on this topic.

PS: Martin is different from Tolkien in at least two aspects:

PS 2: I’m trying not to read too much at once so that I won’t rush through the story… first time I’m regulating how much I read.